Bed Stugly on Monroe Street

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I’ve noticed this bizarre stone facade look not just in Bed Stuy but throughout all of Brooklyn. What really bugs me is that I have no idea when in NYC history people thought it was a good idea to cover their brownstones with this terrible mosaic. Usually I can come up with a rough estimate of architectural trends in the city, but with this one I have no clue.

FullSizeRender (3)

It’s quite popular, too. This lovely home sits just a few doors down:


Wonder what it’s like trying to take that stuff off and restore the original facade? Not easy, I’m guessing.


2 thoughts on “Bed Stugly on Monroe Street

  1. Judging by the house to the left in the second picture I would think the house is frame so that’s no big loss. Not so easy to tell on the first one but I’ll bet that’s certainly not Brownstone but probably an older brick that needed to be pointed because the bricks and mortar were so porous and it was just less expensive to make it that monstrosity.


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