Hello, Spring: The Halsey Street Garden Officially Opens Today

Photo via Facebook

Thank God for warm weather in New York, which also means that the neighborhood community gardens are back in business. Today is the season opening for the 462 Halsey Community Garden, which is a really great, friendly spot between Marcus Garvey and Lewis. I spoke with Richelle Trivedi, who works at the garden, and she filled in me on what to expect this season. 462 Halsey is big on compost — last year, the garden processed 19,000 pounds of compost! This year, the garden has upgraded to a five bin system and can accommodate even more food scraps from the community. That means that anybody can drop off food scraps when the gates are open, which is Monday through Friday, 8am to dusk; Saturdays, 9am to 8pm and Sunday, 9am to 6pm. A big compost work day and workshop should be coming to the garden soon.

This summer the garden is also participating in the city’s Food Box program. As Richelle told me, “It’s the best deal in town.” For $12 you get “a curated selection of 6 to 9 types of produce, grown on Northeast and East coast farms” (says the city). Richelle says there are even fresh eggs included. Basically, this is like a CSA but you do not have to sign up for a whole season, you can participate weekly. The only caveat is that you have to sign up the week before you actually pick up your Food Box. You can pay with credit/debit, foodstamps, cash or Healthbucks. The city hasn’t released the summer pickup dates yet, but it should start up in May.

The garden mostly holds communal beds, and there’s space if you’re interested in growing. They are always looking for volunteers to help with planting, watering, maintenance and the like. If you’re interested in volunteering you have to pay a $15 due and sign up for one of the four committees. For more details on how to join, go here. You can also follow the garden on Facebook.


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