Bed Stuy in the News This Week

Gregory Pardlo, who just won a Pulitzer for his poetry, is a Bed Stuy resident. And one of his books, “Digest” includes poems on gentrifying Brooklyn. As he told The New York Times about his neighborhood: “My neighborhood now is schizophrenic. The community I describe in the book no longer exists.”

There’s a four-story, four-unit residential building with 3,900 square feet coming for the vacant lot 646 Green Avenue. More details at YIMBY.

Community members rallied at Marcy Park this Tuesday after a deadly shooting took the life of a teenager last week. The community is asking local pols for funding to create after school programs for the youth in the neighborhood who don’t always have a place to go. Read more at News 12.

Bread Love, a popular Bed Stuy bakery that shuttered due to a fire, is reopening at 1933 Fulton Street this summer. The space will include a 1,000-square-foot backyard for dining and movie nights. Read more at DNAinfo.

Representative Hakeem Jeffries praises the Success Charter Schools in Bed Stuy in the New York Post. He says that “last year, one of those Success schools in Bedford-Stuyvesant, in the toughest part of one of the toughest neighborhoods in a tough city, that school, those students performed in the top 1 percent of every school in the state of New York.”

Looking to buy a home in Bed Stuy? Here’s an interesting buying opportunity for a below-market property that looks like it may come with some strings attached.


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