Bed Stuy, Do You Use CitiBike?

CitiBike, CitiBike Bed Stuy, CitiBike Brooklyn

Snapped this photo recently of a very full CitiBike dock at Willoughby and Walworth, which surprised me because it was a beautiful weekend day. (To be fair, the next day I spotted an nearly-empty dock at Bedford and Hancock.) It got me wondering how many Bed Stuy residents out there are using CitiBike. Currently, the bikes are located east of Nostrand Avenue, which cuts out a huge chunk of the neighborhood. But an expansion plan announced last fall promises new docking stations in the eastern part of the neighborhood by the end of this year. (You can still suggest locations where you would like to see new stations.)

CitiBike, CitiBike Bed Stuy

Current locations of CitiBike docking stations in Bed Stuy

Do you guys use the bike share? Will you use it when it expands deeper in the neighborhood?


4 thoughts on “Bed Stuy, Do You Use CitiBike?

  1. I use it a lot in Manhattan, as well as coming back to Brooklyn over Williamsburg bridge (from where I take the J or M trains, or B46 bus). Can’t wait until the expansion, will make the whole thing so much more valuable for me (I live by Myrtle station on JMZ).


    • Yes, that’s a great/convenient trip by bike, from the bridge to the J/M/Z. I’m also thinking that it’ll be a good way to travel from one end of the neighborhood (like Bedford) over to your area. It can be a pain to travel east to west in certain areas of Bed Stuy unless you’re using the bus, which isn’t always reliable.


      • Yes, very true – buses are unreliable and super slow. One of my older neighbors remembers taking the elevated train that ran on Myrtle from Broadway all the way to downtown Brooklyn (he went to school there). Apparently, it was very fast and convenient (10-15 mins). The buses (B38, B54, B52, B26 etc) are so slow (35-40 mins).

        To summarize, once the expansion goes through, I think my top Citibike trips from Eastern Bed Stuy would be:
        1) To Williamsburg / Greenpoint
        2) To Park Slope/Prospect Heights
        3) To Downtown Brooklyn / Dumbo / Brooklyn Heights


  2. Good routes. A lot of New York transit folks think that the only way we’ll be able to significantly expand the subway lines in the future is bringing back those elevated tracks. Takes too damn long to build underground.


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