Bed Stuy in the News This Week

Congrats to a woman I have looked up to for many years! Suzanne Spellen, who writes as “Montrose Morris” at Brownstoner, won a Grassroots Preservation Award from the Historic Districts Council. Suzanne is a former Bed Stuy resident who now leads excellent walking tours of the neighborhood. Read about the well-deserved recognition at Brownstoner.

Bed Stuy = very hip. Or so you would think after reading this J. Crew profile of Lady Chadwick, who is from London and recently moved to Bed Stuy from Manhattan.

Local resident Wayne Devonish is working to create the first official conservancy for Von King Park. The conservancy would help raise funds to upgrade the park, as well as help preserve and promote the park’s history. Details at Our Time Press.

There’s a new independent film, titled “Lazarus,” about Israel’s Record Shop which is located in the basement of 1118 Fulton Street. According to DNAinfo, it’s going to debut at the New York City International Film Festival this month.

A crumbling porch is being restored at the landmarked Bed Stuy mansion at 339 Macdonough Street. Photo and details at Brownstoner.


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