What Would You Like to See on the Corner of Stuyvesant and Macon?

325 Stuyvesant Avenue

There’s a great commercial property that’s up for rent on the corner of Stuyvesant Avenue and Macon Street. That immediate area is pretty quiet restaurant-wise so we suspect any type of food business would do very well. A trusted source told us that a Thai restaurant was coming but negotiations went bad. The signage up now suggests that the owners are back to square one, and are also considering retail tenants.

What would you like to see here? And if you have any intel on tenants eyeing this space, email us at thebedstuyblog@gmail.com. UPDATE: A stop work order was filed by the DOB in late April due to work without a permit. A commenter also noted that there’s a bar built inside.


13 thoughts on “What Would You Like to See on the Corner of Stuyvesant and Macon?

    • Bed Stuy Owl, there’s a bagel shop set to open (soon I hope) at 1120 Broadway. It was being renovated last week when I walked by.
      As for the Stuyvesant/Macon corner, a Thai restaurant would have been great, too bad that won’t happen now.


  1. I saw a stop work order on the window this weekend. I also looked through the window and there is a big bar inside already built.


  2. The bar has been there for years. That being said, a bar/restaurant would be the best use of this space. Absent that, a small gourmet market like Greene grape provisions would be great. Also, the old Celestino space on halsey will be opening as a French bistro soon ( from the operators of cafe Lafayette in fort Greene).


  3. The stop work order was issued because they were changing the facade of a landmarked building. A definite no-no. And they did it without a permit. I wonder if this was a random inspection or someone complained. Maybe when all the windows were added to the storefront it triggered the inspection.


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  6. Well,
    We ended up with garbage. What a shame of a great space in an amazing location. It looks horrable! Can you imagine if the landmark commission wasn’t on top of them what they would have built? Take a look at the construction of this space. I think it may rain and snow inside of the store.

    I would imagine it cost a fortune to get all of that storefront period correct, and this is what they put in there? The bodegas on every corner by the exact same owners isn’t enough? What a joke! I am so incredibly disappointed in this place. Neon ATM signs blinking on your window? Really? Sloppy handwriting on a piece of paper stuck to the door showing your specials? Really? TV screens showing the menu of your 3 day old food you are reheating? I refuse to step foot in this place and pray they go out of business.

    How nice would a dimly lit restaurant have been or bar? Shit, the new doggy hotel on the corner of MX and Hancock looks 100 times better! They don’t even have proper ventilation because the place is completely fogged out 24 hours a day. When you walk by, take a look at where the front meets the ground. It’s wide open! Bugs, mice, rats, all walk right inside.


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