An Underwhelming Review for Fancy French Restaurant on Malcolm X

L'Antagoniste, Bed Stuy, french bed stuy

The other week I passed by the new French restaurant L’Antagoniste on Malcolm X Boulevard and was surprised by the menu of frog legs, foie gras and a $38 plate of filet mignon. (In other words, a little too fancy/pricy for my taste.) I also wondered how the spot was fairing in the neighborhood.

I was very interested to read this New York Daily News write-up of the restaurant, which isn’t exactly favorable. The writer calls the place “the love child of a Brooklyn slacker and a French snob” and pans most of the dishes as well as the service. The dessert, apparently, is excellent. But the final judgement is that the “L’Antagoniste’s kitchen needs to up its game.” Any residents out there feel similarly/differently? I feel like if I’m going to spend money on dinner it’s usually someplace in Manhattan. I’d rather visit casual restaurants in the neighborhood and I get the impression that they fair better. (Celestino, the fancy seafood place, didn’t last long.) But maybe that’s just me.


2 thoughts on “An Underwhelming Review for Fancy French Restaurant on Malcolm X

  1. A lot of high priced restaurants like this get going through Groupon…it is one way to create a following. With the million plus dollars being spent on real estate in Bed Stuy, I am not surprised to see attempts to get some high priced restaurants and retail establishments in the area.


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