Locals: Where Do You Take Your Out-of-Town Visitors?

Saraghina, Brooklyn, pizza
Saraghina, photo by SUNHEE G. via Yelp

Hey locals, where do you take your out-of-town visitors in the neighborhood to give them a taste of Bed Stuy? I’ll do dinner at Peaches Hot House, a walk down Hancock Street, and a beer at Bed-Vyne Brew. (I’ve long wished to treat a guest and myself to a stay at Akwaaba Mansion. Maybe someday…) Another good visitor spot is David’s Brisket House.

I was thinking about the question after a commenter mentioned taking guests to Saraghina, not because the commenter loves it, but because there aren’t many options in the neighborhood. Saraghina is often a go-to for me, especially for other New Yorkers visiting the neighborhood who have heard of it. Do you feel the same way? I’d love to know what destinations you feel are “quintessential Bed Stuy,” and if there are enough of those spots to go around.


3 thoughts on “Locals: Where Do You Take Your Out-of-Town Visitors?

  1. It probably depends on where in Bed Stuy you live. I live by Stuyvesant Avenue, so I would usually take visitors to Saraghina or (a bit further) to Manny’s. When I have younger visitors, we just go on a slightly longer walk to Bushwick (either by JMZ Myrtle stop, or L-train Jefferson or Morgan).


  2. This is just the question I wanted to ask!!!! I am visiting there at the end of February & wanted to take in all the sights & sounds surrounding the bed stuy area. Any info would be great! Food. Drinks. Vintage:consignment shopping. Shopping exclusive to the neighborhood.

    Great blog by the way!!!!


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