This Stuyvesant Avenue Property Is Asking More Than $6 Million

325 Stuyvesant Avenue, bed stuy, brooklyn

More news for the prominent mixed-use building on the corner of Macon and Stuyvesant. (The place where plans for a Thai restaurant fell through, and where a stop work order was issued for work without a permit.) This listing just popped up for the entire property — it’s asking $6.3 million, a very high price indeed. There are seven units total with the ground-floor commercial space. Oddly enough, Streeteasy also shows that three of the apartment units are on the market, with a three bedroom asking $3,295 a month, a two bedroom asking $2,850 a month, and another two bedroom asking $2,595. Are rents really that expensive in this area? Yeesh.

The selling price of the building will really be a test of how much the market’s boomed in the last year — it sold for $2.5 million in 2014.


2 thoughts on “This Stuyvesant Avenue Property Is Asking More Than $6 Million

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  2. Seems that if the building sells for over $5 million it’s about at the top of the market so it’s not going to be that easy to flip for awhile. Better have a nice down payment because I’m figuring rent roll about $300,000 but taxes will surely go up as the city will reassess the building. May take a few years for the new owners to get their money back.


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