Spotting New C Trains

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Anybody else notice all of the new C train cars popping up recently? I’m talking about train cars with the electronic announcements and maps (pictured above). Anyone who lives in Bed Stuy will tell you that these cars feel like a little luxury compared to the 1960s-era R32s that usually show up. The MTA plans to replace the R32 trains with these newer versions in a process will last until 2017, according to this Observer article. So either that process has begun or the MTA is just going through a routine upkeep of the R32s. This is also from the Observer:

Every summer the MTA switches out some of the R32s to give the old warhorses a break from running on the almost entirely underground C train lines, where high temperatures can be tough on equipment. But with the first cool breezes of autumn, the new cars return to their respective lettered lines and the R32s come squeaking and clattering back into service.

And while there may be new trains, the C is still only running once every 10-15 minutes. There’s a rally demanding for better service this Saturday.


3 thoughts on “Spotting New C Trains

  1. Yes!! I actually took a photo of one earlier this week since I didn’t believe my eyes. I would have been less surprised to see a unicorn riding the train.


  2. Same experience as The Bed Stuy Owl! I snapped a photo because I was so shocked – it was great. The MTA says every year they swap out the old ones for newer models & put them on the A and J outdoor lines to avoiding taxing their old A/C systems, since the C is only underground.


  3. Same experience as The Bed Stuy Owl! I snapped a pic the other day because I was so surprised to see a newer model. The MTA says they swap the old C train cars for newer models every year and put them on the outdoor A and J lines to avoid straining the old air conditioning systems (since the C is only underground).


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