Tenant Dispute at 406 Tompkins Avenue

This press release just landed in my inbox today:

On May 27, James Leary, ​who rented space at 406 Tompkins Avenue for more than 40 years, was unceremoniously locked out of his candy store by what he and his family considers “unscrupulous” new landlords who, in their haste to snatch properties, are breaking laws and shattering American notions of business ethics. Mr. Leary and family members are calling a press conference to expose wrongdoings, and seek support in securing his cat, his products and other valuables locked in the store, plus “respect, justice and an apology.” ​Concern residences, businesses, and seniors are joining forces with Mr. Leary in saying enough is enough we will no longer allow people to disrespect and displace the people of Bedford ­Stuyvesant and other communities with illegal evictions and their connections within the court system that forcing out our Mom and Pop businesses, residences and seniors.

406 Tompkins Avenue, off Hancock Street, is the bodega with old-timey candy shop signage on its facade. The press conference will be held this Friday the 10th in front of 406 Tompkins at 11 am. According to the email, Mr. Leary has continued to sell newspapers each morning in front of the store since its closure.


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