Bad News for Kingston Throop Subway Riders

Kingston Throop subway, subway closure, MTA

If the Kingston Throop C train is your commuting destination, there’s some dire news in your future. Late last week Gothamist reported that Governor Cuomo plans to completely close 30 subway stations between 6 months to a year for upgrades like “On The Go” touch screens, new signage and new lighting. And yes, Kingston-Throop is on the dreaded closure list, along with other C train stations like Clinton/Washington and Van Siclen Ave. There’s no timeline on when these closures will happen. According to Gothamist, “An MTA spokesperson said the full shut-down plan may be modified at stations without an obvious alternative transit option nearby,” although it’s unclear if that would be the case for Kingston Throop since the Utica stop is (kind of) close by.

Kingston Throop is my regular station and it could obviously benefit from some of these user-friendly upgrades. But seriously, ask anyone who uses the C train on a regular basis what they would desperately like to see improved and they will not say lighting or wayfinding. The C is the only line still serviced by 1960 subway cars. It runs far, far less than E or A trains (it’s torture watching 5 to 6 E trains pass by when you’re trying to get home from the city during rush hour), and trains run only once every 10 to 15 minutes on weekends. The C is so bad, it has its own campaign demanding improvements.

The other weekend, I waited 30 minutes for a train and had to ultimately leave the station and catch a cab to be in Manhattan on time. It’s almost insulting — and definitely tone deaf — that Governor Cuomo would make a big deal about cosmetic changes that no one really cares about (unless you’re a lost tourist, perhaps) and for those changes we have to lose our station for up to a year. That’s a major loss for a neighborhood that does not have a wealth of on-time, reliable transportation options. And if you’re going to re-open the station with new lighting, but a clunky, 1960s train is only going to pull up once every 15 minutes on a Saturday, than I really don’t see the point.


9 thoughts on “Bad News for Kingston Throop Subway Riders

  1. When black people where living in these Neighborhoods the city didn’t care to fix or revive them. It’s 2016 the last revocations that were done to these so called popular BedfordStuyvesant train stations were was in the 1960s . Now that white people have taken it over . The train stations so call need revamping . Nonsense, if I ever heard of any.

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  2. False. The “1960’s trains” also run on the J line. In fact, there was a swap between the J and C so that half of your fleet is 2006 trains……


  3. I’ve lived near the Clinton/Washington Avenue C train since the early 90s. Back then, the Washington Avenue entrance to Manhattan was shut down for YEARS, allegedly due to high crime in the area. We had to walk to the Clinton Avenue entrance – an extra 2 blocks. After different faces started moving in, miraculously, the entrance opened again. Crime had not gone down, but something had gone up in that time – the white presence. The crappy supermarket in the area was renovated a couple of years ago and now looks like it always should have. Even the local bodega decided to stop letting the cat walk all over the bread and is brand spanking new. When one of my neighbors asked the bodega owner why now, he said, “because I have competition now and people won’t shop here if it looks like it did”. So it was good enough before when people didn’t have a choice? For that reason alone I don’t shop there any more. We also now have new restaurants and they actually DELIVER – something they never did when the majority of the faces here were brown. I say all this because I have seen the changes; some are good and some are bad. Having nice restaurants, real estate prices going through the roof and non expired food and fresh vegetables available for purchase – good. Sky high cost of living, suspicious looks and ladies clutching their purses when we pass, new buildings being constructed that look ridiculous and out of place, crooked landlords keeping apartments dangerous and unlivable so lower income tenants will move out and they can jack up the rents 100 percent – BAD. White people moving to a formerly minority community is always good for them – almost never for us.

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  4. This just plain nuts. Not only are Blacks still being convicted for false crimes, and they killing babies. And we losing our homes and our neighborhoods, communities.


  5. In every other city, 10 min head ways is rush hour service. But as to the closers, I always laugh when people complain about run down stations but when it comes to making a sacrifice to improve the stations by needing to close them down for renovation, people flip their wig. Its a 15-20 min ride to Manhattan once the train shows up. You wanna know bad service? Use the A from the rockaways. We wish that train ran every 10 mins. Then it’s an hour and longer to Manhattan. Ill gladly use Kingston throop and those 1960 rail cars over rockaway service any day. There are parts of this city with no subway service at all. When Kingston throop closes, take the A via Utica. You’ll get over it and be OK. BTW, half of the C trains are new tech trains now. You probably have bad luck always catching those old R32 trains. 2.75 guarantees you a ride, not a new train. Not even a seat.


  6. Agree the C train doesn’t run often enough. If they close a station, people with young children will have to ride buses because they can’t walk more than a few blocks. Buses are much less reliable than the subway.


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