BBQ is Coming for Bed-Stuy

Urban Smoke, Bed Stuy, Urban Smoke bed stuy

Barbecue lovers rejoice: Urban Smoke is set to open at 478 Halsey Street, right off Lewis. Here are details:

Urban Smoke takes a modern, global approach to the traditional barbecue pit. Our menu features surprisingly diverse offerings of smoked entrees and inventive sides that stray from the ordinary while maintaining a traditional barbecue appeal. Everything is smoked in our all-wood smoker using 100% seasoned oak and our ingredients are locally sourced and highly sustainable to ensure minimum impact on the environment.

I hear it’s the same owners behind Oaxaca Taqueria, which opened in the neighborhood last summer. The menu posted on the website includes sandwiches, smoked pulled beef, pork and chicken, lamb ribs, mac and cheese, homemade pimento cheese, chili, salads and slaw. They will be doing both delivery and catering, and you can buy meats by the pound. While the first location is already under construction at 417 Prospect Place, in Crown Heights, no word yet when the Bed-Stuy spot is opening up. There’s a Facebook account to stay in the loop.


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