462 Halsey Community Garden is Fundraising for a Shed and Irrigation System

Halsey Street Community garden, bed stuy

The 462 Halsey Street Community Garden, a wonderful green space located between Marcus Garvey and Lewis, has launched a fundraiser for a new shed and irrigation system. Here are details:

We desperately need a new shed to capture rainwater and irrigation system to water our 600+SF of organic, food-growing space. Building a shed will provide us with much-needed storage space while allowing more surface area to harvest rainwater. This project requires a lot of lumber, water storage tanks, a solar-powered pump and more. It’s a big project but with your help we will make it happen!

It takes hundreds of gallons to water our garden every day – while that sounds like a lot, as a community we save a lot of resources (water, petroleum, etc) by eating locally. As it stands now, we have to run 300 feet of hoses out of the garden, across the street to the fire hydrant. It’s a cumbersome task. At each joint we lose water, which is counterproductive to our waste reduction goals. We constantly have to buy new hoses as they are run over by cars and buses on our busy street. It takes three hours to water the garden – and we do this every single day! The irrigation system will allow us the freedom to weed, compost and do other maintenance work while we water. It will save us time, water and make the whole process easier. Additionally, we need money to replace tools, host events and spruce up our space!

There are 15 days left for the fundraiser and the goal is to raise $4,670. $1,000 has been raised so far. If you’d like to donate, do so here!

Photo courtesy of the Halsey Street Garden


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