Gorgeous Mural Painted on the Handball Court at Tompkins Houses

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Earlier this week, the Groundswell Community Mural Project and young artists at the Tompkins House dedicated a new mural that now graces the handball court. Entitled “Compass of Dreams,” it illustrates two complementary scenes across the front and back of the handball wall–according to Groundswell, one side “honors young people’s resilience to overcome challenges,” while the other “celebrates the power of play and imagination.” Here are all the details:

Given the unique architecture of a freestanding handball court, a viewer can engage with the mural from 360 degrees. On one side of the wall, a young girl and boy embrace. Between their arms, a ship is tossed roughly by a storm. The girl holds a compass, which opens up a bright “portal.” On the other side of the wall, the portal is mirrored to connect the different scenes. This opposite side of the wall depicts the same girl and boy at peace. They celebrate the power of imagination and play. As one youth artist described about the design, “Storms are commonly associated with violence and nowadays it seems as though violence is all we see. But at the end of the storm, there is a new beginning. This beginning is filled with the dreams and aspirations of our own youth, which will lead to a great and prosperous future, no matter how violent the storm.”

The young artists worked as part of Groundswell’s two-month long flagship summer youth employment program, the Summer Leadership Institute; this mural is also part of Groundswell’s larger “Public Art / Public Housing” Initiative. Above, the young adults, Groundswell artists and Council Member Robert Cornegy pose at the dedication.




Photos courtesy of Groundswell


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