A Helpful Neighborhood Update from a Bed-Stuy Blog Reader

Hi readers. I haven’t been posting here with as much regularity as I’d like due to my full-time job, but Bed-Stuy resident Rick emailed an extremely helpful overview of interesting stuff happening around the neighborhood. I’ll hand it over to him:

We definitely need more eating establishments so a jerk place next to Peaches would be nice. I had a look inside the other day and it looks exactly like it did a year or so ago when it was a coffee/sandwich shop. Seems a no brainer that a food place should take over since that end of Lewis is kind of dead.

Just a few other places I’ve noticed that have opened or are opening around the area:

A new coffee bar that will also be serving food is expected to open at 380 Marcus Garvey (Hancock/Jefferson). I spoke to someone working inside (possibly the owner) and she said they are expected to be open by December. This is the same building where a bar is in the works at 382 MGB on the corner of Hancock.

I also saw that a place is going to open on Fulton Street called the Fulton Street Ale House and they are currently applying for a liquor license. This is about near where Tompkins Ave. ends.

Some newly refurbished spaces at Hancock and Stuyvesant. The corner store is already open and they are serving food, not a traditional restaurant with waiters but looks more like a place with food already prepared.

A great upscale bodega/sandwich shop is open on Hancock/Patchen. Didn’t see this reported but it apparently has been open for a month or two.

There’s a large space that is being remodeled on Monroe/Throop. It looks like it is going to be some sort of upscale market/deli.

Also, not sure what happened to the coffee shop on Fulton called Capitoline Grounds but it’s been shuttered the last two times I walked by.

An awesome roundup! I’ll keep an eye out for these spots myself. And I always like hearing from readers with tips or notes so feel free to email me anytime at thebedstuyblog@gmail.com.


3 thoughts on “A Helpful Neighborhood Update from a Bed-Stuy Blog Reader

  1. I hear the owner of Bedford Hill is behind the place on Marcus Garvey. I peaked inside and it looks nice (small though). Also, some kind of bar/restaurant is in the works for 366 Malcolm X Boulevard. The people behind now closed Nita in Williamsburg seem to be behind a new bar/restaurant on the corner of Stuyvesant and Macon.


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