Radio Segment Focuses on Bed-Stuy and “Feeling Like an Outsider in Your Own Neighborhood”

Radio Rookies, WNYC, Bed-Stuy, Corinne Bobb-Semple

I highly recommend this eight minute WNYC segment that is part of the station’s “Radio Rookies” series. The very talented teenage journalist and Bed-Stuy resident Corinne Bobb-Semple produced a show entitled “Feeling Like an Outsider in Your Own Neighborhood”–you can listen to it right here. Corinne’s mom opened Brownstone Books on Lewis Avenue in 2011 and her father started a local real estate business. Her segment looks at all the ways gentrification has changed the neighborhood, and how difficult it can be to talk about gentrification between new and old residents. She also speaks on how the African American community of Bed-Stuy has had such a positive impact on her life as she attends a predominantly white school.

The radio segment includes an uncomfortable discussion Corinne has with a clueless young gentrifier. (My words, not Corinne’s.) It’s true, gentrification can be hard to talk about–but it shouldn’t be impossible. Start with this radio segment and we can start having better conversations about how this neighborhood is changing and how those changes do not always benefit the longterm residents of Bed-Stuy.


3 thoughts on “Radio Segment Focuses on Bed-Stuy and “Feeling Like an Outsider in Your Own Neighborhood”

  1. A lot of gentrifiers are delusional, a lot of us are terrified every single day about losing our apartments that we have lived since they were to scared to say the word bedstuy. We were all good enough to stay here before but now we are just in the way, we don’t belong nor do we fit in. Whats really sad is the every day smugness and superiority complexes, or even worse the ones that think we are all one big happy neighborhood, completely forgetting that they too are part of the problem. Why weren’t you guys living here 10, 15, 20, 30 years ago? You abandoned this neighbored when you saw black and brown people moving in and now all of a sudden its like you decided to “take it back” because it was all yours in the first place. Its basic forced integration, if you wanted to live here or be part of bedstuy you would have all along. If you thought this neighborhood was so pretty, cool and trendy why weren’t you living with us all along? Your goal is not to unify, its to separate and take over this neighborhood as you have so many parts of Brooklyn, Queens, South Bronx, Harlem, New Jersey, Detroit etc. You and all of your revolutionary friends that have moved and created small micro-neigborhoods within a community rich with closeness and strong culture identities, have no idea how we all feel.


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