This Week: Local Art Auction at Kava Shteeble

Kava Shteeble, art auction

Coming up on Thursday, February 23rd, the local art collective Salomé ArtHaus is hosting an art auction at Kava Shteeble, a cafe located at 94 Ralph Avenue. Through the event, Salomé ArtHaus hopes to “create a platform for people to purchase art by local artists in the neighborhood.” I’m all in support of that. If you are too, you should attend the auction this week, which is coinciding with the cafe’s Kava Musik night. The evening will include performances by local singers Eleni Arapoglou and Shilpa Ananth, followed by a silent auction of the works on display at Kava Shteeble right now.

Also, there’s another Salomé ArtHaus event to look forward to next month, on March 31st. The group paired over 20 artists of varying disciplines to create a chain of art–meaning that each pair created a piece that was inspired by the work of the preceding link in the chain. These works will premier at a gallery in Bed-Stuy on March 31st. Stay tuned for more details!


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