News From Around Bed-Stuy



*Some tense signage appeared on the former Rabbit Moon storefront at 334 Marcus Garvey Boulevard. The cafe closed last year and is now up for rent again. I heard they got booted after the landlord jacked the rent–a story that this sign certainly supports.

*Down the block, on the corner of Putnam and Marcus Garvey, pizza spot Bravi Ragazzi Pizzeria is moving into the old sports bar. The pizzeria is from South London (hmmmm) and serves Neapolitan style.

*Cakeboi Shop is now open at 624 Throop Avenue, right outside of the Kingston/Throop subway. The space used to be a hair salon. The cake looks amazing!

*A gigantic Bed-Stuy rental is planned for 553-569 Marcy Avenue, 833-869 Myrtle Avenue and 90-134 Stockton Street. According to The Real Deal, the “340,000-square-foot complex would include two 10-story buildings, one nine-story building, one eight-story building and three six-story buildings. The inclusion of a 20,000-square-foot supermarket allowed the developer to expand the residential component by that much space through a city incentive.” The first three buildings are expected to be complete in the next six to eight months and the rest of the project should wrap by the end of 2018.

And get this: the developers plan to ask between $1 million and $2 million for the majority of all 301 apartments! Holy cow.

*Finally, don’t miss this Brokelyn interview about a new documentary now in the works: The Scooter Cops of Bed-Stuy. The doc will chronicle two beloved beat cops, Joe Willins and Kenny Kaufman, who “used their relationships with the community to make the 78th a safer neighborhood for all — and without once firing either of their guns in their 20 years of service.”


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