Help Fund a Rock Climbing Trip for Special Needs Children in Bed-Stuy

A special education teacher who has worked at P231K at PS54 for the past 11 years is fundraising for a really cool field trip. He and his colleagues work with students diagnosed with autism, down syndrome and intellectual disabilities, and many come from low-income, single-caregiver families. The teachers are funding for a rock climbing field trip for their students aimed to happen next month. Here’s a little bit about why they chose this particular activity:

Real life experiences are really important for our children and is way more important than academics. Unfortunately many of these experiences are not affordable to our families. $15 (which is the cost per child for this activity) may not seem a lot of money to most of us, but for most of our families this is dinner. So many times children miss out, or staff spend our own money for the kids to go on field trips.

Rock Climbing is an excellent activity that has the potentional to foster growth and skill development including : fitness, building confidence and overcoming fear, nurturing problem solving skills, buidling core and upper body strength and endurance, and an increased sense of self efficacy.

In a few days the campaign exceeded its $900 goal. Any extra money raised will go towards future trips at the climbing gym or similar types of field trips, with the goal to establish an ongoing experience for the students. Please help them out at their GoFundMe page!


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