One Week Left to Support Great Journalism in Central Brooklyn

One of the most popular blog posts on the Bed-Stuy Blog was about a radio show hosted by Bed-Stuy local Corinne Bobb-Semple entitled “Feeling Like an Outsider in Your Own Neighborhood.” It was excellent work tackling gentrification from the perspective of a student who has grown up here in Bed-Stuy.

That work was supported by Brooklyn Deep, which has its headquarters on Stuyvesant Avenue. Brooklyn Deep produces a lot of excellent work tackling issues of neighborhood change and gentrification, through reporting and its Third Rail Podcast. Most importantly, it is coverage told from the perspective of residents and those most affected by these changes. As the website states, “At a moment when residents of Bedford-Stuyvesant and Crown Heights feel vulnerable in the face of changing demographics, rising housing costs, and cultural shifts, Brooklyn Deep seeks to pull back the curtain on the policies and practices that drive gentrification.”

And now, you can support Brooklyn Deep’s excellent work via Kickstarter. It is the *final week* of fundraising, and they’re at $13,742 of a $15,000 goal. They need to hit $15,000 to get any of the donations. Please head over to the Kickstarter website to watch a video, and read more, about the necessary journalism work happening right here in the neighborhood.


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