The Annual Cycling Circuit, Scheduled for This Month, Raises Money to Combat Health Disparities

Annual Cycling Circuit, lifecycle biking, bed-stuy

The Brooklyn-based collective LifeCycle Biking has partnered with the Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation to kick off its yearly meditation and bicycling event. The event, scheduled for Saturday, September 23rd, will begin with a collective meditation, followed by 15, 31, or 62 mile guided rides through Brooklyn and Queens. Participants will then return for a complimentary “Wellness Wrap Up,” with music, food and yoga instruction.

All the funds raised through the event will go toward program development to improve access to healthy foods and opportunities for physical activity, with a focus on Central Brooklyn.

This year’s goal is to host 100 riders and raise $10,000. There’s also a “Sponsor a Saddle” option, which enables donors to purchase a registration slot for a low-income rider who is unable to make a financial contribution.

LifeCycle Biking is currently seeking participants, donors, sponsors and volunteers. If you are interested in supporting LifeCycle Biking and The Annual Cycling Circuit, just shoot an email to, or go here. Happy riding!


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