Help Reopen Reconnect Café as They Battle a Slumlord

reconnect brooklyn, silverstein properties

If you don’t know about Reconnect Cafe, it’s time to start supporting them. Located at 139 Tompkins Avenue, the cafe was founded in 2014 by locals who wanted to provide employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for young men here in Bed-Stuy. The cafe has since expanded to a bakery and graphic design company. You can hear the full story of Reconnect through the YouTube video below.

But the landlord of the cafe, Silvershore Properties, was recently named on the public advocate’s “Worst Landlord in NYC” list. According to Reconnect, they have refused to do building repairs which ultimately forced the establishment to shut down. “Silvershore is selling the property and so takes little interest in the invaluable mission of Reconnect,” the non-profit said in an email.

They are asking that supporters call Silvershore and lodge a complaint. The number for Silvershore Properties is 212-239-7164; building management is 718-854-5205. They’re also asking for social media postings under #savereconnect.

Finally, you could make a donation to Reconnect right here. Let’s support this invaluable local business!


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