Local Artist Collective Presents New Exhibition in Bushwick

ED NOTE: This post is by the Bed-Stuy Blog’s newest contributor, Mikhal Weiner!

Imagine a game of telephone that uses works of art instead of a phrase or word. That’s what ArtLinks is– an ongoing collaborative project that brings together artists across disciplines and countries to create a continuous thread of innovation and artistry. The project creates a chain of pieces, each one responding to the preceding piece. Each pair or trio had ten days to create something new that responds to the work of the pair that preceded them. None of the artists had worked together in the past, and all of the works are multidisciplinary.

With 24 artists from Israel, USA, Serbia, Holland, Mexico (to name a few) who have worked together to create 10 works of art, Salomé ArtHaus is happy to present the ArtLinks 2 exhibition on Sunday, November 12th at 5pm in Bushwick. The venue, Powrplnt, is at 562 Evergreen Avenue.

Tickets are available online for $7 (purchase them here) and at the door for $10. More information is available at Salomé ArtHaus.